Give your cattle the comfort of ComfyCow

ComfyCow has accumulated many years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality cattle brushes. These are designed to stimulate blood circulation, increasing milk production. We have now developed products for various sectors in livestock farming, including dairy cattle, beef cattle, calves and goats. 

Our products

The ComfyCow brushes can be installed in any stable. When cows brush up against it, the brushes are activated to brush at a pleasant speed. This allows the cows to relieve itching or have a comfortable brushing session. We developed suitable brushes for various animals.

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Comfy Brush

The Comfy Brush is a slanted, rotating brush which the cow can push up independently. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and extra long brush axle, it also brushes places otherwise out of reach.

Roto Brush

This comfortable brush immediately starts rotating at a friendly speed when the animals touch it. The Roto Brush has a large diameter, is available in two versions and is suitable for about 50 to 60 cows.

Mini Brush

The Mini Brush is the smaller version of the cow brush, and specifically suitable for goats and calves. Thanks to the motion sensor, the brush automatically starts rotating when approached.

Who should get the ComfyCow?

ComfyCow is suitable for all livestock farms. Whether you have dairy cows, goats, calves or beef cattle - we have a high-end, suitable product designed specifically for your animals.

About ComfyCow

ComfyCow has accumulated almost twenty years of experience in developing and manufacturing cattle brushes. The company was established in 2011 as a sister company of Hans van der Poel B.V. Today, we focus on developing various types of brushes for all livestock farming sectors.

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