The Roto Brush comes in two versions: we have a brush with one or two rotation directions. The latter version has a brush with extra functionality, rotating both left and right in an oscillating motion. As with the Comfy Brush, the brush changes the rotation direction on every start-up. The brush hairs have a large diameter and are easy to replace. One brush will suffice for 50 to 60 cows.


The height of the brush can easily be adjusted to your animal’s wither height. The product is delivered ready-to-go, and is easy to install in any stable. The engine of the Roto Brush has thermal safeguards based on built-in temperature sensors. The electronic activation and deactivation without any mechanical contacts is located in the terminal box of the engine.

Further information

The Roto Brush is available from € 1,200.00 exclusive of VAT and is available from stock. For more information on this product, please contact us on +31 (0)71 3315278 or at or fill in the contact form.